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[icon] Montreal Mental Health
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Time:03:03 pm
     I was wondering if anyone had any experience with going to the CLSC to be evaluated/treated? I've been treated in the past -- at the Children's and the Douglas, but that was years ago. I have bad social phobia so I want to know what I'm going to be dealing with so I can be as mentally prepared as possible. Like I said, it's been a long time since I was seen for any sort of mental health reason. I don't have a family doctor or anything like that, and I'm unemployed and out of school. Do I just walk in and go to the front desk and say I'd like to make an appointment to see a psychologist? Are all sessions covered? Any bit of help would be great. Thanks.
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Subject:Choosing a psychologist in Montreal
Time:08:24 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious

I'm dealing with a heavy anxiety problem and chronic pain disorder and am seeking a psychologist. I've been calling around to get a psychologist but how do you choose one? I just wasted my money on two who's communication styles were wishy washy and I met another who I wanted to work with and wasn't covered by my insurance because shes' a psychotherapist not certified as a psychologist. I've spoken on the phone with a few others but given how expensive they are, and they don't often do consultations, this is becoming yet another source of stress!! I need help and I need it soon.
Any suggestions?
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Subject:If you are thinking about suicide...
Time:08:09 pm
If you are thinking about suicide, read this first:


Seriously, it is amazing. I wouldn't bother posting it if I didn't feel that it was so worth reading.
It's something special.
Whether you are contemplating suicide, or have in the past, or know someone who has thought about suicide or is thinking about it, you will find this very worth your while to read.

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Subject:English-speaking doctors in the Gatineau area?
Time:01:20 pm
Hi! I'm asking on behalf of a friend...does anyone happen to know of any English-speaking psychiatrists or therapists in the Gatineau area? Or psychiatrists or therapists in Ottawa who would take on Quebec patients?

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Time:11:08 am
Can anyone recommend a great psychiatrist that specializes in behavior neurosis and/or cognitive disorders...in the likes of severe anxiety and GAD. Preferably someone who accepts company insurances. Thanks in advance.
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Time:06:54 pm

I'm terrified right now. But okay...

So long story short I have a parent who's... nuts. I don't mean it offensive it's just that she's not mentally well and she wasn't to nice to grown up to and she's now living in the street down town.

I'm 19 years old, living with my dad who thinks it's funny to compare me to her.

I'm been handling myself but lately it's been getting bad and I think I might need help.

I've been raised and have stored in my depest knowledge that it's not good. I don't want to need help. I don't wanna be like her. I don't wanna.

I have panic attacks once in a while but I can deal with them.

I have low self-esteem, believe that I'm not worth any trouble and bother my friends, to whom I don't talk to about this.

But I have a LJ account.
And I've made it my personal sanctuary and release center and friends I've made online have recently been getting worried for me.

I think it might be helpful if I talked to someone.

I've never done this before so please don't jump on me for these requests.

I don't wanna talk to a different person every week.
I'm a student and my parents are pretty poor.
I live in Montreal and hold a medicare card and Canadian citizenship.
I don't wanna go on medication.
I just wanna openly talk to a human being who I won't have to see and who'se reactions and changed behaviour towards me won't make me feel like it would've been better if I had just shut up.

Can anyone recommend a therapist or psychologist or however you call it, who won't charge me or make me in line.

I really don't want my dad to find out - I really don't want to hear him say he was right and that I'm as crazy as the bitch who use to hit me when I was small.
I'm also a student if that helps any - but I would prefer if it was someon outside of school.
Confidential - please.
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Subject:long overdue
Time:12:00 am

it's been a long time since I showed this to anybody.

It took me a long time to get it ready to post online but In the light of the events that have been going on in my life, and especially what i have been reading in this community, knew i had to share this...


The quality is shit, so is the sound and there are typos in the credits, but i think the subject and experience speaks to everybody here.

If I could touch just one life with this film, then the journey from there, and all the bumps and obstacles along the road would have been worth it...

Clair Obscure - an anatomy of manic depression

(this is the blurb you might not see at the bottom of the page on youtube...)

Clair (french - Clear: perceiving or discerning distinctly) 
Obscure (enveloped in, concealed by, or frequenting darkness, ) 

A cinematic self portrait about the anatomy of a nervous breakdown and living with manic depression.
This was my 2nd student film from Concordia University. It has won many awards and been shown all over canada and the US as well as Europe and continues to touch the lives who experience viewing it.

It was an important film to make then, and the message is still important now.
Mental illness is a real disease, and people with mental illness often suffer in silence, because there is a HUGE STIGMA ATTACHED TO MENTAL ILLNESS IN ALL ITS FORMS.

This is my story, my history, my documentation of what life is like for somebody who suffers from manic depression and what the genesis of a mental breakdown really looks like.

Please excuse the quality as it is a copy from an old 16mm film copy. I'm currently trying to raise money to create a new digital transfer of the original film.

but in the meantime, sit back, watch it in full screen mode (480p) and learn a little more than you did yesterday about mental illness.

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Subject:support site
Time:10:39 am
i made a support site you all can use http://selfhelp.yuku.com it deals with a lot of mental health issues and is forum based. if you join please post in welcome.

hope i can help you all.
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Time:01:33 am
Hey everyone,

I don't know if this is of interest to anyone here, but it's worth a posting. It seems like this fellow has written a graphic novel about a girl dealing with a schizophrenic mother. Personally I think it seems really interesting.


I'd like to go check it out tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'm going to be downtown.

Anyway, I hope everyone's been doing all right. I know that right now's a rough time of year for a lot of people, for a lot of different reasons. Hugs to all! Keep warm!
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Time:05:43 pm
i think i may be having some kind of depressive episode right now.

while i've been in counselling for depression before, i've never been diagnosed by a doctor. i think now might be the time to do it. i'm a mcgill student, but only until december. should i go to the drop-in clinic there to be screened? if so, would they be able to refer me to services off-campus?

if not, do most of the CLSCs have doctors who speak fluent english? (is a CLSC even the best option for me at this point?) my french is intermediate, but i'm not sure how well i can communicate about my mental health in french.

also, i am still using ontario health insurance. do most CLSCs take OHIP, or will i need to go through the reimbursal process myself? if so, about how much would an appointment cost?

thank you for your help.
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[icon] Montreal Mental Health
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